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UCC Education Students FNSS Project Lessons

The Social Studies lessons in this section were created by Second Year Education students in Dr. Walton’s First Nations Pedagogy class for the First Nations Content in Social Studies K to 12 Project and the Okanagan Mainline Region. Students have followed the rationale, intent and structure of the original project developers and writers.

The lessons plans and theme units have been created to demonstrate and exemplify how First Nations content can be used to implement the Social Studies Curriculum. Teachers using this site will acquire knowledge and skills to recognize the opportunities available within the curriculum in order to naturally weave First Nations content into classroom lessons. These practical instructional tools model the integration of First Nations content, teaching for understanding, diverse teaching strategies, wide ranges of assessment strategies, critical thinking skills and best practices.

These lessons deal with Canadian First Nations content and are not specific to the Okanagan Mainline Region. Please note that the lessons have been reviewed for structure and suitable content and some lessons have been omitted for a variety of reasons.

The organizing committee for the project wishes to thank Dr. Walton and his students for their exceptional contributions to this project. The developers of this resource look forward to the day when ALL educators will integrate A/pboriginal content into ALL classrooms for ALL students.

Grade Title Author
2/3First Nations LegendsShawna Balcers
2/3First Nations Family StructureShawna Balcers
2/3Introductory Basket WeavingCindy Guillas
2/3Introductory Drum MakingCindy Guillas
2/3Coastal Mask MakingErin Robertson
2/3FriendshipErin Robertson
4Importance of SymbolsKristina Grant
4Using Inuksuits to NavigateKristina Grant
4Plains Indians - Buffalo HuntMargeurite Piper
4Plains Indians - ShelterMargeurite Piper
4Secwepemc CalendarRandy Nelson
4Haida Button BlanketsMichelle Whitney
4Haida LegendsMichelle Whitney
4Creating a Totem PoleGord Hardman
4Virtual Museum Tour of TotemsGord Hardman
4First Nations Oral TraditionsRachel Huva
4Creating a Haida CrestErica Downs
4Composing a MythErica Downs
4Canada Food Guide and Traditional FoodsBill Gilroy
4Battle Mountain: Sharing ResourcesBill Gilroy
5-7Reviewing History Critically 1Andrea Nikkel
5-7Reviewing History Critically 2Andrea Nikkel
6First Nations Web SearchRoger Hanninen
6A First Nations Literature StudyRoger Hanninen
6Richard Hunt: Transformation MasksAngela Smart
6Exploring Contemporary Images of FN PeopleAngela Smart
7Aboriginal Representation in the MediaJamie MacArthur
7Role-Playing ActivityJamie MacArthur