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Lesson Outlines

These lesson plans are available online and as downloadable MS-Word documents.

Click the lesson title to jump directly to that lesson plan, or use the links in the menu to the left.

Intermediate -- Grades 4 to 7

Author:Bonny-Lynn Donovan
Lesson 04:Creation of the Penticton Indian Reserve
Lesson 05:Contemporary Life on the Penticton Indian Reserve

Author:Brian Matthew
Lesson 01:How Social and Economic Organizations Satisfy Needs and Wants
Lesson 02:The Relationship Between Culture and Environment

Author:Brenda Celesta
Lesson 01:Two Forms of Shuswap Government
Lesson 02:Two Forms of Shuswap Government - Traditional and Contemporary
Lesson 03:Justifying My Position
Lesson 04:Summary of Government

Author:Cammy Coughlin
Lesson 01:Stereotyping and Discrimination
Lesson 02:Newspapers and Stereotyping
Lesson 03:Literature and Stereotyping

Author:Yvonne Mensies
Lesson 01:What Is A Stereotype?
Lesson 02:Stereotypes About First Nations People
Lesson 03:First Nations Stereotypes in the Movies
Lesson 04:Indians As Logos
Lesson 05:First Nations and the Media