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First Nations Resources of the Okanagan / Mainline Region

Districts comprising the Okanagan / Mainline Region
Pronunciations of Traditional Names
First Nations Resource Information
Elders Program Protocol
Directory of Resource Personnel for the Okanagan / Mainline Region

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Districts Comprising the Okanagan / Mainline Region

(click to view information about resource personnel in each district)

SD 19 - Revelstoke (Ktunaxa, Secwepemc)
SD 22 - Vernon (Okanagan)
SD 23 - Central Okanagan (Okanangan)
SD 53 - Okanagan-Similkameen (Okanangan)
SD 58 - Nicola-Similkameen (Nle'kepmx, N'silx)
SD 67 - Okanagan Skaha (Okanagan)
SD 73 - Kamloops/Thompson (Secwepemc)
SD 74 - Gold Trail (Secwepemc, St'at'imc, Nlaka'pamux)
SD 83 - North Okanagan-Shuswap (Okanagan, Secwepemc)

View a map of the above Districts (opens in a separate window)

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Pronunciations of Traditional Names

Nation Approximate Pronunciation Also Known As
Ktunaxa "Tun-ah-hah" Kootenay
Nle'kepmx "Ing-khla-kap-muh" North Thompson
N'silx "Sts-wen-em" Okanagan
Secwepemc "She-whep-ma" Shuswap
Stl'atl'imx "Stlat-liem" Lillooet

View a map of the above Territories (opens in a new window)

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First Nations Resource Information

Our goal as educators is to provide the most positive learning experience for the students we encounter. In order to enhance this learning experience it was agreed upon by members of the Okanagan Mainline Region, that more Aboriginal content within the Social Studies curriculum was needed. This would serve as a wealth of information to our non-aboriginal neighbours, make our education institutions more hospitable and comfortable for our Aboriginal students, and most certainly foster better relations amongst all.

As we approached this project, we realized that we must proceed cautiously, in order not to separate the material from the context it was intended: First Nations people and the valuable knowledge which is introduced when they are invited into the classroom. It was unanimously agreed that Aboriginal teachers of culture be utilized as often as possible to implement this material. In other words, while we attempt to make these lessons more accessible to teachers, we also request that the bearers of the knowledge be invited to take part in these teaching experiences. These lessons are evidence that the implementation of FN material can be interesting, fun, and relevant, due to the local nature of this project.

Included in these resources, are contact names and numbers of First Nations Resource people and Band Coordinators from across the OK Mainline Region. We encourage teachers to contact these Resource people and Coordinators with any and all inquiries related to FN issues. We have also been asked to advise teachers that they utilize these same people (First Nations Resource people and Band Coordinators) to contact elders, rather than calling upon the elders themselves. (Teachers making contact or booking FN resource people should also follow their respective District's protocols and procedures, as well).

Classroom teachers should also read through the "Elders Protocol" (included) to become familiar with First Nations protocol issues. Above all, teachers need to know that elders are the recognized source of wisdom and are the true "teachers" in First Nations communities, and respect this. .

For the sake of School District organization, the Okanagan Mainline Region is broken down into Districts, which are numbered and arranged in this order. In many cases, these District boundaries overlap traditional Aboriginal territory, now known as Nations. The names of the Nations are listed in conjunction with the School District and are indicated on the title of each District heading. A further breakdown of Aboriginal Bands (those which predominantly attend in each District) and the Band Education Contacts are also listed within each School District, when at all possible. Likewise, Districts have assigned their own First Nations Contact person, who oversees First Nations issues on behalf of each School District.

Information for this project was gathered from across the Okanagan Mailine Region (throughout Districts 19, 22, 23, 53, 58, 67, 73, 74, and 83), as well as the Bands within the Okanagan Mainline area. Sincere thanks go out to all those who contributed to the project so that teachers might better access Aboriginal Materials to use in their classrooms.

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(Because the following material contains such valuable information, permission has been obtained from its authors to reprint it for this project.)

Borrowed from: Under Our Wing the Vision, the Accomplishments and the Future of first Nations Education in School District 73 (Appendix 6):

Elders Program Protocol


Our First Nations elders have cultural wisdom, historical experience, and knowledge of Aboriginal Languages that are valuable for the education and self-development of our children and youth. This protocol recognizes that all of our First Nations communities have their own way of determining who their community elders are.


The goal of the Elders Program in School district No. 73 is to find ways to enhance and enrich classroom lessons and school cultural events by inviting First Nations elders to participate in and help plan such events, while honouring and respecting them at all times.


The purpose of the protocol is to ensure that all District staff who have elders participate in school or classroom activities follow a process that demonstrates respect for and care of our elders.


Before you have an elder visit your classroom, ensure that an activity or lesson has been planned for their participation; and prepare your students for having an elder in their classroom. The types of activities could include:

Drumming and Singing Storytelling Arts and Crafts
Field Trips Drumming Cultural Lessons
Teacher Inservice

It is not appropriate to ask elders to talk about spiritual ceremonies or teachings. Many First Nations ceremonies are personal and private, and this privacy must be respected.

*When the elder arrives at your school: make sure that someone meets them at the door, welcomes them and offers the elder a cup of tea, coffee, or a juice. They should be shown where the washrooms are located. Ensure that food is provided for the elder, either a morning snack or lunch if they are going to be at the school over the lunch hour. This is an important health consideration for many elders. Find a place for them to leave their coat, and to sit comfortably while they wait.

*Following their lesson, presentation, or activity: give them a gift, of tobacco or a pouch of sage, juniper, sweetgrass, or a food gift such as jam, or preserves. (It is also acceptable to inquire in advance, to find out if there is any particular small gift the elder might especially desire). This will show respect and appreciation for their time and their knowledge.

*Most of the time, the elder will be given an honorarium for their work. The honorarium should be ready and presented with a card or in an envelope at the time of the presentation or lesson. The guideline for honoraria is:

1 hour presentation: $25
half-day presentation: $50
full-day participation: $75 - $100

If gas money is needed for a driver, that should also be arranged for. The funding for Elder honoraria will need to be accessed through available sources. Inquiries regarding this funding should be addressed by the local School District FN Resource person, (or other school funds should be secured in advance).

*Once the elder has completed their work at your school: ensure that transportation has been arranged to get them safely home.

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SD 19 Revelstoke (Ktunaxa, Okanagan, Secwepemc)

District Contact Person Overseeing First Nations Education:

Shan Jorgenson-Adam
Principal: Mount Begbie School
PO Bag 7100 - 420 Downie Street
V0E 2S0
Phone: (250) 837- 4056
E-mail: sjorgenson@sd19.bc.ca

Aboriginal Cultural Facilitator:

Lynne Barisoff
Revelstoke Secondary School
P.O. Bag 5100
Revelstoke, BC
V0E 2S0
Phone: (250) 837-2173
E-mail: lbarisoff@sd19.bc.ca

Aboriginal Resource Contacts

Revelstoke has several Aboriginal resource people who are also available to represent many different cultures.

Margaret Verheaghe: Metis
Beading and dreamcatchers
Revelstoke, BC
Phone: (250) 837-2250

Pete McCoy: Ktunaxa
Plant walks
Phone: (250) 342-6029
or Ktunaxa Tribal Council
Cranbrook BC
Phone: (250) 417-4022

Marilyn James: Sinixt
Winlaw, BC
V0G 2S0
E-mail: mjames@selkirk.bc.ca

Kathryne Tennese: Ktunaxa
Treaty issues
Ktunaxa Tribal Council
Phone: (250) 417-4022

Frank Marchand
Okanagan games
Phone: (250) 558-3505

Eldon T. Clairmont - Metis
President of Salmon Arm Metis Association
471 2nd Street S. E.
Salmon Arm, BC
V1E 4H3

Dan Saul - Secwepemc 
Kamloops Indian Band Museum
Phone: (250) 828-9700

John Sayer- Metis
1540- 13th Avenue SE
Salmon Arm, BC
V2E 1G7

Glenn Jollymore-Stat' liem
JL Jackson Secondary
Salmon Arm, BC

Band Education Coordinators

Ktunaxa Tribal Council
Mike Keefer
Phone: (250) 417-4022

Secwepemc Band
(in Kamloops)
Dan Saul
Phone: (250) 828-9801

St. Mary's Band
(in Cranbrook)
Phone: (250) 426-5717

(There is no band for the Sinixt because the Federal Government considers them extinct since the 50's)
Marilyn James
Winlaw, BC,
V0G 2S0
E-mail: mjames@selkirk.bc.ca

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SD 22 Vernon (Okanagan)

Principal of Aboriginal Programs:

Sandra Lynxleg
SD #22 (Vernon)
1401 - 15th Avenue
Vernon, BC
V1T 8S8
Phone: 250-549-9290
Fax: 250-549-9292
E-mail: slynxleg@sd22.bc.ca

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SD 23 Central Okanagan (Okanagan)

First Nations Education Coordinator:

Alice Gro
Phone:  (250) 979-2020
E-mail:  agro@sd23.bc.ca

Aboriginal Resource Contacts

All inquiries regarding First Nations issues should be directed through the following contacts.

Terry-Lee Beaudry
Director of Instruction
1940 Haynes Rd
V1X 5X7
Phone: (250) 860-8888
Fax: (250) 862-3964
E-mail: tbeaudry@sd23.bc.ca

Dennis Semeniuk
Director of Instruction -Middle/Secondary
Phone: (250) 470-3270
E-mail: dsemeniuk@sd23.bc.ca

Alice Gro
First Nations Education Coordinator/Teacher
Phone: (250) 979-2020
E-mail: agro@sd23.bc.ca

Aboriginal Facilitator
Karen Chase
Phone: (250) 860-3931

Aboriginal Cultural Dept.
Phone: (250) 860-3931

Band Education Coordinators

Westbank First Nation
Denise Clough
301 - 515 Hwy 97S
V1Z 3J2
Phone: (250) 769-4999
Fax: (250) 769-4377

Okanagan Band Coordinator
(in Vernon)
Kevin Ned
Phone: (250) 542-4328

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SD 53 Okanagan-Similkameen (Okanangan)

District Contact Person Overseeing First Nations Education:

Jim Insley
PO Box 5000
V0H 1T0
Phone:  (250) 498-3481 ext.238
Fax:  (250) 485-0909
E-mail:   jinsley@sd53.bc.ca

District Aboriginal Teacher:

Helen Gallagher
Box 1440
Oliver BC
V0H 1T0
Phone:  (250) 498-3415
Fax:  (250) 498-0388
E-mail:  hgallagh@sd53.bc.ca

Aboriginal Resource Contacts

Please inquire in advance to have rates ($) pre-arranged with the following individuals. In some cases the rates are very specific.

Modesta Betteron: Okanagan Nation
Language & Culture
History of Education, Storytelling
Phone: (250) 495-6267
Rate: $150/hour

David Tanner: Okanagan Nation
Language, Plants & Animals
Phone: (250) 498-0561
Gas mileage and rate negotiable

Herman Edward - Okanagan Nation
Flute Player, Traditional Men's Crafts, Storytelling
Phone: (250) 499-5528 (message #)

Les Louis
Art -painting (water,oil,etc)
Phone: (250) 499-2281 (pls. leave message with his dad)

Justin Terbasket - Okanagan Nation
Silversmith, makes jewelry
Phone: (250) 499-7061

Wendy Terbasket - Okanagan Nation
Bead work, pine needle baskets, sewing fancy dance dresses
Phone: (250) 499-2717

John Kevin Terbasket - Okanagan Nation
Lead singer for High Water Drum Group
Phone: (250) 499-2817

John Terbasket - Okanagan Nation
Researcher, (he can help you find almost any type of information or people you may need.), Storyteller, Pow wow MC
Phone: (250) 305-2365   

Andrew McGinnis - Okanagan Nation
Storytelling and Medicines
Phone: (250) 493-2421

Irene Bryson - Okanagan Nation
Okanagan Language and Medicines
Wage: $50.00 and travel
Phone: (250) 498-6110

Band Education Coordinators

Lower Similkameen Band
Joanne Dennis
Phone: (250) 499-2717
Fax: (250) 499-5415
WWW: lsibed.com

Upper Similkameen Band
Charlotte Joe
(250) 499-2221

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SD 58 Nicola-Similkameen (Nle'kepmx, N'silx)

First Nations Principal

Opal Charters
Box 4100
V1K 1B8
Phone:  (250) 378-5161
Fax:  (250-)378-6263

Opal's office will endeavor to meet the requests of any and all areas related to FN issues and she encourages individuals to contact the resource people listed.

Band Education Coordinators

Coldwater Band Education Coordinator
Phone: (250) 378-6714  

Lower Nicola Band Education Coordinator
Phone: (250) 378-5527

Nooaitch Band Education Coordinator
Phone: (250) 378-6141  

Shackan Band Education Coordinator
Phone: (250) 378-5410

Upper Nicola Band Education Coordinator
Phone: (250) 350-3342

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SD 67 Okanagan Skaha (Okanagan)

District Contact Person Overseeing First Nations Education:

Dave Stigant - Assistant Superintendent
425 Jermyn Ave
V2A 1Z4
Ph: (250)-770-7700
E-mail: dstig@summer.com

Aboriginal Education Program:

David Perry (Counselor)
Penticton Secondary School
Phone: (250) 770-7767
E-mail: daperry@summer.com

Bonny-Lynn Donovan (Teacher)
Elementary Aboriginal Education
Phone: (250) 492-6049
E-mail: bdonnovan@summer.com

Kathy Pierre (Teacher)
Phone: (250) 492-6824

Allison McLaren (Early Literacy Teacher)
Phone: (250) 490-8611

District Support Workers:

Ava Allison
West Bench Elementary
Phone: (250) 492-6049

Jod-dee Dagneau
Princess Margaret Sec. School
Phone: (250) 492-6824

Christine Jack
Skaha Lake Middle School
Phone: (250) 492-0623

Band Education Coordinators

Penticton Indian Band Education Department:
Elaine Kruger (Director)
Phone: (250) 493-0048

En'Owkin Centre:
Jeanette Armstrong (Director)
Phone: (250) 493-7181
E-mail: enowkin@vip.net

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SD 73 Kamloops/Thompson (Secwepemc)

District Contact Person Overseeing First Nations Education:

Ross Spina  (Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education)
1383-9th Avenue
Kamloops BC
V2C 3X7
Phone:  (250) 374-0679
Fax:   (250) 372-1183
E-mail:  rspina@sd73.bc.ca

District First Nations Coordinator:

Deb Draney
1383-9th Avenue
Kamloops BC
V2C 3X7
Phone:  (250) 374-0679
Fax:   (250) 372-1183
Email:  ddraney@sd73.bc.ca

Secwepemc Language Teacher:

Ted Gottfriedson
Ralph Bell Elementary School
1764 Valleyview Dr.
Kamloops, B.C.  V2C 4B8
Phone: 372-7795
Fax:  377-2236
E-mail:  tgottfriedson@sd73.bc.ca

Aboriginal Resource Contacts

First Nations Education Council
Renee Spence - Administrator
311-355 Yellowhead Hwy.
V2H 1H1
Phone: (250) 828-9807
Fax: (250) 372-1127
E-mail: rspence@sd73.bc.ca

First Nations Education Councellors:
-Peter Michel, B.Ed.
-Marilee Draney, M.Ed. (Counselling Psych.)
-Sharnelle Lemaire, MSW
-Cherry Joe, B.A.
Suite 311
355 Yellowhead Hwy.
V2H 1H1
Phone: (250) 828-9807
Fax: (250) 372-1127

Dan Saul (MuseumCoordinator)
Secwepemc Museum and Heritage Park
Kamloops Indian Band
200-355 Yellowhead Hwy.
Kamloops, B.C.  V2H 1H1
Phone:  828-9749 or 828-9681
Fax:  314-1586
e-mail:  dsaul@kib.ca

Band Education Coordinators

Please note: These individuals are Band Education Coordinators and are useful contact persons who will field inquiries; however, they themselves are not resource/cultural persons.

Adams Lake Indian Band
Donna Jules
Box 588
Chase, BC
V0E 1M0
Phone: (250) 679-8841
Fax: (250) 679-8813

Kamloops Indian Band
Lil Gottfriedson (8-12)
Salvina Holcomb (K-7)
315 Yellowhead Hwy
Kamloops, BC
V2H 1H1
Phone: (250) 828-9271
Fax: (250) 314-1560

Little Shuswap Indian Band
Joan Arnouse
Box 1100
Chase, BC
V0E 1M0
Phone: (250) 679-3203
Fax: (250) 679-3220

Neskonlith Indian Band
Carol August
Box 608
Chase, BC
V0E 1M0
Phone: (250) 679-3295
Fax: (250) 679-3220

Secwepemc Cultural Education Society
Keith Matthew -President
Suite 311
355 Yellowhead Hwy.
V2H 1H1
Phone: (250) 828-9779
Fax: (250) 372-1127

Simpcw First Nation
Geri Matthew 
Band Education Coordinator
Box 220
Barriere, BC
V0E 1E0
Phone: (250) 672-9995
Fax: (250) 672-5858

Skeetchestn Indian Band
Kathrine Stegner
Box 178
Savona, BC
V0K 2J0
Phone: (250) 373-2493
Fax: (250) 373-2494

Whispering Pines/Clinton Indian Band
Sandy LeBourdais
615 Whispering Pines Dr. 
Kamloops, B.C.  V2B 8S4
Phone: (250) 579-5772
Fax: (250) 579-8367

(This order sheet has been made available to all teachers courtesy of the Secwepemc Cultural Education Society Language Department, Suite 202-355 Yellowhead Highway, Kamloops BC V2H 1H1)

(download as an MS Word document for printing)

Secwepemc Language Resources
Description Quantity Cost Total
Level 1: Beginners
A Shuswap Course + 2 tapes _____ x $18.00 _____
A Shuswap Course + 1 tape _____ x $17.00 _____
Counting to 100 in Secwepemctsin _____ x $ 8.00 _____
English-Secwepemc Dictionary, Version 3 _____ x $16.00 _____
Secwepemc-English Dictionary, Version 3 _____ x $16.00 _____
Learning Shuswap, BK. 1 _____ x $13.00 _____
Learning Shuswap, BK. 2 + tape _____ x $18.00 _____
Let's Study Shuswap, BK. 1 + tape _____ x $13.00 _____
Let's Study Shuswap, BK. 2 + tape _____ x $18.00 _____
Food Guide _____ x $ 4.00 _____
Alphabet Posters: Food/Clothes/Bird/Animal (each) _____ x $20.00 _____
Alphabet Book _____ x $12.00 _____
Alphabet pg. 8.5x11" _____ x $ 1.00 _____
Animals of the Shuswap _____ x $ 2.50 _____
children's Readers: various bk. In East or West dialect _____ x $ 7.00 _____
Talking Books:
Grizzly Bear + tape _____ x $15.00 _____
Lynx + tape _____ x $15.00 _____
Moose + tape _____ x $15.00 _____
Porcupine + tape _____ x $15.00 _____
Prairie Dog + tape _____ x $15.00 _____
Rainbow Trout + tape _____ x $15.00 _____
Chipmunk + tape _____ x $15.00 _____
Raccoon + tape _____ x $15.00 _____
The Owl's Children _____ x $ 7.00 _____
What Kind of Bugs _____ x $ 5.00 _____
Level 2: Advanced
A Western Shuswap Reader by A. Kuipers _____ x $ 8.00 _____
Shuswap-English Word List _____ x $ 8.00 _____
English-Shuswap Word List, Version 2 _____ x $ 8.00 _____
Stories Of The People _____ x $15.00 _____
A Secwepemc Game _____ x $ 2.50 _____
Song Tapes:
Adam Bennet _____ x $ 5.00 _____
Nels Mitchell _____ x $ 5.00 _____
Daniel Seymour _____ x $ 5.00 _____
Selina Jones _____ x $ 5.00 _____
Drum Songs by the Adams Lake Singers (audio tape) _____ x $ 5.00 _____
Children's Songs by Archie Sisters _____ x $ 5.00 _____
Children's Songs by Ethel Billy _____ x $ 5.00 _____
Children's Songs by Ann Michele _____ x $ 5.00 _____
Video Tapes:
Video 1 or 2 of Secwepemc Language and Culture (each) _____ x $25.00 _____
Video: Secwepemc Alphabet by N/W/E Speakers _____ x $20.00 _____
Video: A. George and Medicine (in Secwepemctsin) _____ x $25.00 _____
Secwepemc Language Teacher's Guides:
Language Package K-3 West Dialect _____ x $25.00 _____
Language Package K-3 East Dialect _____ x $25.00 ______
Grade 4-10 Teacher's Package _____ x $45.00 _____
Beginner's Language Pkg 11/12 West Dialect _____ x $25.00 _____
Beginner's Language Pkg 11/12 East Dialect _____ x $25.00 _____
Total Physical Response (TPR) 2 E/W Dialect _____ x $25.00 _____
Integrated Resource Package (IRP) _____ x $50.00 _____
Clothes M/F Internal Organs/Bones (each) _____ x $20.00 _____
Song Books:
Song Book: East/West Dialect _____ x $15.00 _____
Song Book: Teacher's Guide _____ x $15.00 _____
Traditional Song Book, 1998 _____ x $15.00 _____
Children's Song Book, East Dialect _____ x $15.00 _____
Cultural Kit Teacher's Guide _____ x $25.00 _____
Plant and Environment Teacher's Guide (Bk.) _____ x $25.00 _____
Shuswap Teacher's Manual, (Jensen, Powell, Wild 1983) _____ x $10.00 _____
Plant Posters _____ x $150.00 _____
Grade 4 Language Package _____ x $22.50 _____
Grade 5 Language Package _____ x $25.00 _____

Subtotal: $_________
GST (7%): $_________
PST (7.5%): $_________
Shipping: $_________

TOTAL: $_________
Enclosed is:    Cheque [  ]    Purchase Order [  ]
Please Invoice: __________________________
Shipping and Postage are charged for all orders.
Resource orders must come with Purchase Order No.
Invoices must be paid within 30 days.
For further information telephone (250) 828-9750
Fax orders to the SCES Language Department: (250) 372-1127
Name: _________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________
City: ___________________________________________________
Province: _______________________________________________
Postal Code: _______________Telephone: ____________________
Date: _____________________

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SD 74 Gold Trail (Secwepemc, St'at'imc, Nlaka'pamux)

District Contact Person Overseeing First Nations Education:

Superintendent of Schools
PO Bag 250
V0K 1A0
Phone:  (250) 453-9101  ext. 208
Fax:  (250) 453-2425

First Nations Education Council Administrator:

Dineen Manuel
Box 1420
Lillooet  BC
Phone:  (250) 256-7523
Fax:  (250) 256-7119
E-mail:  fnecsd74@yahoo.ca

Aboriginal Resource Contacts

Ashcroft Elementary
Violet Crowley (FN Student Support)
Phone: (250) 453-9177
Ashcroft Secondary
Mary Antoine (FN Student Support)
Phone: (250) 453-9144
Cache Creek Elementary
Rhoda Antoine (FN Student Support)
Phone: (250) 457-6248
Cayoosh Elementary
Neawana John (FN Teacher)
Janice McGillis (FN Teacher)
Philomena Peters (FN Student Support)
Phone: (250) 256-4212
Clinton Elementary
Betty Spence (FN Student Support)
Phone: (250) 459-2239
David Stoddart Secondary
Vacant (FN Student Support)
Phone: (250) 459-2219
GM Murray Elementary
Marilyn Adolph (FN Student Support)
Phone: (250) 256-7543
Kumsheen Secondary
Irene Adams (FN Student Support)
Phone: (250) 455-2328
St'at'imc Language Center
Les Ned (District Language Coord.)
Phone: (250) 256-4745
Marcel Adrian (Admin. Asst)
Linda Redan (FN Teacher)
Neawana John (FN Teacher)
Janice McGillis (FN Teacher)
Lillooet Secondary
Stella Ostrander (FN Student Support)
Phone: (250) 256-4274
Lytton Elementary
Freda Adams (FN Student Support)
Phone: (250) 455-2215
Jody Lane (FN Teacher)
Jennifer Murphy (FN Teacher)
Sk'il' Mtn Community
Agnes Patrick (FN Teacher)
Phone: (250) 259-8223

Band Education Coordinators

Ashcroft Indian Band
Anita Dick / Angie Thorne
Box 440
V0K 1A0
Phone: (250) 453-9154
Fax: (250) 453-9156
Ashcroft Metis Association
Box 882
V0K 1A0
Phone: (250) 453-9774
Fax: (250) 453-9778
David Hodgson
Phone: (250) 453-9236
Bonaparte Band
Keith Zabotel / Brenda Antoine
Box 669
Cache Creek
V0K 1H0
Phone: (250) 457-9624
Fax: (250) 457-9550
Bridge River Band
Susan James / Bonnie Michell
Box 190
V0K 1V0
Phone: (250) 256-7423
Fax: (250) 256-7999
Canoe Creek Band
Phyllis Rosette
Gen. Del.
Dog Creek
V0L 1J0
Phone: (250) 440-5645
Fax: (250) 440-5679
Cayoose Creek Band
Yvonne Thevarge / Robin Frank
Box 484
V0K 1V0
Phone: (250) 256-4136
Fax: (250) 256-4138
Cooks Ferry Band
Verna Miller (378-4235) / Pearl Hewitt
Box 130
Spences Bridge
V0K 2L0
Phone: (250) 458-2224
Fax: (250) 458-2312
Fraser Canyon Administration
Doug MacIntyre / Jeanette Duncan
Box 400
V0K 1Z0
Phone: (250) 455-2279
Fax: (250) 244-2772
High Bar FN
Rose Haller / Larry Fletcher
Box 458
V0K 1K0
Phone: (250) 459-2117
Fax: (250) 459-2119
Lytton FN
Gladys Grenier / Rita Haugen
Box 20
V0K 1Z0
Phone: (250) 455-2304
Fax: (250) 455-2291
Lillooet Tribal Council
Susan James / Marilyn Napoleon
Box 1420
V0K 1V0
Phone: (250) 256-7523
Fax: (250) 256-7119
Lillooet Friendship Center
Kama Steliga
Box 2170
Phone: (250) 256-4146
Fax: (250) 256-7928
Oregon Jack Creek Band
Bob Pasco / Sandy Pasco
Box 940
V0K 1A0
Phone: (250) 453-9098
Fax: (250) 453-9097
Seton Lake Band
Cliff Casper
Box 76
Site 3
V0N 3C0
Phone: (250) 259-8227
Fax: (250) 259-8384
Siska Band
Patricia Munro / Albert Michell
Box 519
V0K 1Z0
Phone: (250) 455-2219
Fax: (250) 455-2539
Skeetchestn Band
Jody Delaney
Box 178
V0K 2J0
Phone: (250) 373-2493
Fax: (250) 373-2494
T'it'q'et Administration
Norm Leech / Marilyn Napoleon / Charlene Machell
Box 615
V0K 1V0
Phone: (250) 256-4118
Fax: (250) 256-4544
Ts'kw'aylaxw FN
Delores McDonald / Sherry Kane
Box 609
Cache Creek
V0K 1H0
Phone: (250) 256-4202
Fax: (250) 256-4058
Whispering Pines/Clinton
Lorraine LeBourdais / Mike LeBourdais
RR1 Site 8 Comp 4
V2B 8P6
Phone: (250) 579-5772
Fax: (250) 579-8367
Xaxli'p FN
Pauline Michell
Box 1330
V0K 1V0
Phone: (250) 256-4206
Fax: (250) 256-7570

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SD 83 North Okanagan-Shuswap (Secwepemc, Okanagan)

Senior First Nations Teacher/Counselor:

Glen Jollymour
Box 129
Salmon Arm
V1E 4P2
Phone:  (250) 832-2188
Fax:  (250) 832-6112
E-mail: dbliron@jetstream.net

(Glen is also the contact person for FN Support Workers in District 83)

First Nations Teacher/Counselors:

Glen Jollymour
Box 129
Salmon Arm
V1E 4P2
Phone:  (250) 832-2188
Fax:  (250) 832-6112
E-mail: dbliron@jetstream.net

Aboriginal Resource Contacts

Meredith Rusk
Phone: (250) 832-2136 (ext. 3111)

Sonya Rock
Phone: (250) 804-3306 (cell)
Fax: 838-7590

Band Education Coordinators

Adams Lake Indian Band:
Donna Jules
Box 588
Chase, BC
V0E 1M0
Phone: (250) 679-8841
Fax: (250) 679-8813 

Little Shuswap Indian Band
Joan Arnouse / Wes Francois
Box 1100
Chase, BC
V0E 1M0
Phone: (250) 679-3203
Fax: (250) 679-3220

Metis Association
Bob Sturgeon
3111 9th Ave. SE
Salmon Arm BC
V1E 2C1
Phone: (250) 832-3905
Fax: (250) 832-3914

Neskonlith Indian Band
Tammy Thomas, Band Education Coordinator
Box 608
Chase, BC
V0E 1M0
Phone: (250) 679-3295
Fax: (250) 679-3220

Spalumcheen Band
Darrell Jones
Box 3010
Enderby BC
V0E 1V0
Phone: (250) 838-6496
Fax: (250) 838-2131