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First Nations Content in Social Studies K to 12 Network

Eagle Logo
Eagle artwork drawn by Jimmy Porter, a grade 5 student
at A.E. Perry Elementary School in Kamloops, BC

This Network of Lessons in First Nations Content in Socials is designed to provide teachers with guidance in integrating Aboriginal learning outcomes into Social Studies K to 12. The aim is to provide lesson exemplars for educators to use to assist in creating a greater sensitivity to and respect for the richness and diversity of the Aboriginal peoples of the Okanagan Mainline Region and the province of British Columbia.

Nine educators from across the Okanagan Mainline Region have worked on this resource:

Marji Basso - SD#53 - Okanagan Similkameen
Bonny Donovan - SD#67 - Okanagan Skaha
Noreen Pankewich - SD#73 - Kamloops Thompson
Colline Rivest - SD#22 - Vernon

Brenda Celesta - SD#73 - Kamloops Thompson
Cammy Coughlin - SD#23 - Central Okanagan
Brian Matthew - SD#73 - Kamloops Thompson
Yvonne Mensies - SD#58 - Nicola Similkameen

Bob Gronowski - SD#23 - Central Okanagan

It is because of the hard work, dedication, experience and knowledge of these educators and other educators involved in the creation of these resources that the First Nations Content in Social Studies K to 12 Network was created.