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Erin Robertson (MS-Word format.)

Grade: 2/3
Lesson 1: Coastal Mask Making
Time: 75 minutes

Topic: Coastal Masks

Rationale: The students will gain an appreciation of British Columbia Coastal art and the various shapes that are incorporated into Coastal Art. The students will appreciate the similarities in B.C. Coastal Art and look at a variety of examples.

Materials and Resources

  • Animal shape photocopies
  • Pencils
  • Black, red, white construction paper
  • Glue
  • Coastal art books and examples
  • Blown up board examples of Coastal Art shapes

  • Ovoid
  • Haida

Main Concepts
The students will gain an appreciation and understanding of the British Columbia coastal art through designing a mask. Utilizing traditional First Nations animal images (such as the wolf, raven, bear and whale) will allow the students to understand the spiritual importance that these animals play in the Coastal society and culture.

Intended Learning Outcomes
Fine Arts:

  • create 2-D and 3-D images using a variety of design strategies
  • identify images from a variety of historical and cultural contexts
  • create images in response to images from a variety of cultural contexts
  • create images using the elements and principles to produce a particular effect

Language Arts:

  • listen actively, responding verbally and non-verbally

Social Studies:

  • demonstrate an awareness of British Columbia's and Canada's diverse heritage

Planned Learning Activities

  1. (30 min) Place shapes that are utilized in Coastal Art up on black board. Provide the children with a wide variety of examples of Coastal Art. Discuss with class the similarities of shapes that are seen in the Coastal Art (Ovoid, U, Split U, Eyes, Ears etc..) Discuss with the class the criteria for the assignment. The teacher will expect to see the students utilize a minimum of five shapes in their mask design and eventually create a 3-D image in construction paper. Hand out animal shape outlines and have the students begin practice drawing in pencil the shapes onto their animal figures.
  2. (15 min) - Once the students are happy with their designs on their practice paper, they may choose a red or black construction paper background. They will cut out their practice animal shape and trace the outline onto the construction paper.
  3. (30 min) - The students will begin free drawing the various art shapes onto a separate piece of construction paper in a different color than the one they have used. The design will consist of the shapes in opposing colors getting smaller and smaller in size in order to create a 3-D image (red-black-red-black)

Assessment and Evaluation

  • checklist - utilize minimum of five shapes, on-task behavior
  • student self evaluation


  • Display masks throughout the school.
  • Have students use their original sketch to cut out and do printmaking art

Integrated Opportunities

  • Drama Have students build a scene based on the characteristics of their animal masks and present it to another class. The students could choreograph their own dance using the mask and create movements that may be similar to a raven or a bear.
  • Language Arts Students can use their masks and write a fairy tale or myth about their Coastal animal and then present it to their classmates.

Resources Used and Supplementary Materials Available

  1. www.educ.uvic.ca
  2. Stewart, H (1979). Looking at indian art of the northwest coast. Seattle: University of Washington Press
  3. Sheila Stokes teacher Barriere Ridge Elementary, Barriere BC

Summative Criteria

Criteria Ratings Comments
Participation 4 3 2 1  
Neatness 4 3 2 1  
Appropriate use of Materials 4 3 2 1  
Presentation 4 3 2 1  
Use of correct colors (red and black) 4 3 2 1  
Appropriate number of Shapes (5) 4 3 2 1  

4 - Excellent
3 - Average
2 - Satisfactory
1 - Unsatisfactory

Student Self-Evaluation Checklist

Name:___________________ Date:____________________

Today in ______________ I worked on:

I learned:

I felt good when I:

I think I need to do some more work on:

Next time I would like to: